Here is an overview of our work. Most of them have been coded with Otree (Python/Django) with an important addition of dynamic features in javascript. We also worked on internal tools in Php/Symphony, and created an intuitive interface for Ztree Unleashed. We also did some agent based model, coded in python with the framework Mesa.
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Our latest projects

Otree Framework

A belief elicitation experiment.

Otree Framework

An Otree Bargaining Game with highchart dynamic visualizations.


Customization of the Ruby on rails Hroot application for the GAEL lab.

Otree Game
An intellectual property game based on the Scrabble game

Drag and drop (jquery ui) interface to play the IP scrabble game.

Javascript/Python Framework
Design of the Exceptius dashboard (Covid-19 data)

EXCEPTIUS analyses exceptional decision-making in 32 European countries. Through interdisciplinary knowledge, the project contributes to the study of democratic resilience by assessing why some democratic systems prove more resilient to crises and which political reforms increase such resilience.

Otree Framework
An environmental front-of-pack label experiment

Design of an experimental online supermarket to test the effect of environmental labels front-of-pack on purchasing behavior

Mesa Framework
A terror agent-based model

An evolutionary agent-based model to modelize terrorist attacks.

Otree Framework

A Battle of the sexes (game theory) game with dynamic visualizations.

Otree framework
Vickrey auction and purchasing behavior of seafood products

Experiment for Genomic and Nutritional Innovations for Genetically Superior Farmed Fish (AquaIMPACT)

Ztree unleashed dashboard

A bootstrap user friendly implementation and customization of Ztree unleashed

PHP/Symphony framework
A virtual supermarket
Otree Game
An Inter-group Prisoner Dilemma

An Inter-group Prisoner Dilemma with very specific dynamic coin sliders and highchart vizualisations.